biography King Bhumibol


His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, The United States of America, on Monday 5 December 1927, being the third and youngest child of Their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Mahidol of Songkla. Even the facts of his birth seem to be significant in several ways. He is, first of all, the direct grandson of His Late Majesty King Chulalongkorn or Rama V who was renowned for the great reforms which he made to all institutions of Thailand to bring them up to date and in line with the rest of the Western-orientated world. Prince Mahidol himself was perhaps one of the most modern-minded of all the sons of King Chulalongkorn and his life was dedicated to the development of many modern ideas particularly in the field of Medical Science so that he is now known as the Father of the Modern Thai Medical Profession. Last but not least, he was given the significant name of Bhumibol Adulyadej, meaning “Strength of the Land Incomparable Power” which becomes prophetic as his reign advances through various critical periods and the Thai nation evolves more and more around the throne as the sole sources of unity and strength.

งานชิ้นนี้เป็นการเรียนรู้ประวัติของพระบาทสมเด็จพระเจ้าอยู่หัว  เพื่อให้เราได้รู้ประวัติของท่านมากยิ่งขึ้น

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